Prompt 3/10/23


What is the last thing you learned?

The last thing I learned was… to rest. Fitness is a way of life, but since I live with Chiari Malformation & 4 other autoimmune diseases, it’s challenging. My life is based upon trial and error experiences.

After a few years of disappointment, I finally learned to finally listen to my body when it’s tired. The fatigue and weak feeling that I feel in my leg muscles. I knew it was a sign telling me to rest, but for many years I ignored. As an athlete, we train our minds to keep going and withstand the pain.

In fact, that is correct but with an unhealthy body, we need to listen to our body when it speaks. I use to train like, the more the better, which only set me back from my goals. Now I workout only four times out of the week and rest for a full 3 days.

I have learned that 3 days gives my body enough time to rest and repair. It’s crazy it took 2 years to figure this simple solution out. However, I’m seeing more results and progress by listening to my body and allowing it to get the proper rest it needs.