My Come Back Story… 2023


I have always been a free spirit, one who rode the wave of whatever the day may bring. As a young adult I was so carefree, and clueless of what life had to offer. I didn’t have an older sibling or the social media that we use today to find help on direction.

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I was a single mom at 22, and was recovering from an abusive relationship. This was early 2000’s and therapy wasn’t yet a thing we spoke about. I moved back home to find my lost, and broken. I went back to college until 3 years later I ended up pregnant again. By 27, I was raising two kids and was living with my grandparents. I had nothing to my name, and was on a downhill spiral. I turned to drugs as a getaway drug, and my choice for men wasn’t the greatest nor anything I’m proud of.

However, by the age of 29, I started down a different path. I enrolled at the University of Phoenix and graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Management. I graduated with a 3.2 GPA and was inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success. I started working at our local school district for 14 years, and ended the school as the registrar. My health declined and in 2020 after my oldest son graduated, I was forced to quit my job and focus on my health. The doctors told me to get on disability and that my body was chronically sick and there wasn’t a cure for my condition.

I guess, when they say no cure and that cancer could develop over time. Was like a door hitting me right into the face. It was a reality check that I needed to start focusing on my health or my days were numbered. I saw the diagnosis as a “second chance” in life. From that day on, I vowed to myself that I would take care of myself so I can prolong all future illnesses. This was the end of 2015.

I could have easily given up when I heard the bad news. It was a punch in the gut, but crying and quitting wasn’t going to help me. I knew I needed to change my life around and here I am at 43, an insurance agent, a fitness enthusiast, and a blogger!Not only did I change my life around, I also grew as a person who enjoyed sharing what I have learned with others.

So no matter what situation you’re going through…You can. End of story!



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