Chronic Pain throughout the years…


After the birth of my youngest son, is when I really started experiencing my pain symptoms. I went to doctors and complained about my headaches. I called them migraines, because I would get the light sensitivity, gagging reflexes, and my head felt like it was about to explode. Not only did I get these bad migraines, my body would tense up and I would get knots in my muscles from the pain. Pain on top of pain more less.

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I went to a pain specialist and got cortisone shots in my shoulders, my back, and my head. Plus, I was prescribed pain medication on top of that. I just had my youngest, and when your a single mom… I couldn’t be intoxicated on pain medication when raising two kids under the age of 5. For 5 years, my parents had to help me with my kids because of pain pills. I got addicted to them, and became dependent.

I was at complete loss, until I started smoking weed or cannabis in my mid-30s. (After quitting all opioids from that point on). When I was younger, my friends and I would smoke just for fun. Now… it’s relieving my pain. Growing up with my grandparents, their view was cannabis is a drug and the gateway to other drugs.

They too, have learned throughout the years. They have seen a change in how I dealt with my pain to still live an active life for my kids. It wasn’t until three years ago, that I traded cannabis for CBD Hybrid,Delta 9, HHC. Still get the effects for pain relief, but not as much the head high like cannabis. I use to smoke so much, I caused my own headaches. I had to learn what best worked for me.

CBD (Hybrid) has allowed me to still be active, it has decreased my anxiety…(since I hit 40, my anxiety has gotten worse because I have one kid who lives in another town, & I was unemployed trying to get my health in check) I still live my healthy lifestyle, clean eating and gym time. I can only find ways to minimize my pain, it’s never really gone. However, CBD… has allowed me to be more active without being on opioids.

I have been on both sides of the spectrum. I have taken the prescription pain medication and I have tried holistic medication. I honestly feel like I’m living my best life yet… and I’m 43! I know the pain, but I also know relief.



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