Chronic pain? This is how I helped reduce my inflammation.


Do you live with chronic pain? The tight muscles, the body aches. the exhaustion of it all? I have been living with chronic pain since 2006, after I gave birth to my second and last child. It started as inflammation, and grew stronger as years passed.

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As full time moms, we can’t be sick. We have cook breakfast/lunch/dinner, take care of the kids, household chores, sometimes a full time job on top of all of that! How can moms get sick? Well, let me tell you… I was the mom who kept on going even when it hurt. I just brushed it off since that pain was tolerable, and went on about my day. It’s all good at first, but as time went by all the symptoms slowly progressed on getting worse.

I would go to doctors and check my blood count, and get checked to start eliminating problems. I have chronic ITP, which I have to check my platelets every six months. Sometimes, with low platelets… causes the same effects as other symptoms. This can be a long process, the elimination process, but it will allow you to pin point foods that causes inflammation that you were eating, and didn’t even know they caused inflammation. As mom’s we don’t think about that, we are lucky we get a bite in because we are more worried about our kids getting the right nutrients than us. Most of us, eat beef (steak and ground beef) because you can make a variety of food that kids will enjoy. I would eat with my kids, not knowing that the red meat I was eating, was the thing that was triggering my inflammation. Crazy, right?

Once I stopped eating red meat, I could tell a difference, but I was still have flare ups just not as bad. Food journaling allowed me to find out that diary was also contributing to my flare ups. I honestly thought, when you were lactose intolerant, that you pass gas all the time. I didn’t have that reaction, nor IBS. My symptoms, after eating a bowl of cereal, would be immediate stomach bloating. I got bloated a lot, as I saw from how I started my day. I wake up and had coffee and what did I add to my coffee…. Diary creamer.

I was so use of being bloated for years, that I didn’t realize my body was screaming for help! From bloating to triggering fibromyalgia after I had anything diary. As a mom, I was too busy to realize I was actually doing harm to myself. By journaling my food, I was able to eliminate all diary from my diet along with red meat. After three months of elimination, my health and pain has lessened! I never thought I would see this day coming!

I’m still able to go consistently to the gym, and go full out ALPHA BEAST! If you are fighting pain, like I was and constantly seeking medical attention to numb your pain. I highly recommend you to journal and see what you are putting in your body. It could be the link to all your problems! I know this was true for me. Took me 15 years, of going to see medical specialist, pain specialist to find that I could control it better than was prescribed to me. Medication is a bandage that temporarily copes with your symptoms. I found the root source of my problem and no longer need the bandage. I’m living a fruitful life at the age of 43. Never felt so good, because God is good!

6/9/22-living life to the fullest, and love being healthy!



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