Have you ever noticed when your not on a schedule, life can seem a bit overwhelming? I’m talking about having a normal routine. Majority of people get up to go to work to their 9-5 job. I use to be that person for fourteen years, until my health declined. When I stopped working, I noticed I was getting depressed because the routine that was in my life, was gone.

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I found myself gaining weight, while having a pity party for myself because I felt helpless. My health forced me to quit my job, and now I feel stuck. Not knowing what future will hold. This lasted for about six months until I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I needed routine, I needed to get back to who I was… that strong, independent woman who had dreams and goals to reach. My health was felt like that was impossible.

February 2022, I decided to start a new routine. I was tired of feeling sorry for myself, and honestly hated who I was becoming. I had the choice to either get remain the same, or get up and chase my goals! I joined a local gym (TTA-The True Athlete) to get guidance and learn about the fitness industry. Learning how to lift weights properly, and to surround myself with goal oriented people with similar goals as I.

Everyday we have the choice

I knew if I was going to see any progress in my fitness routine, I was going to have to be consistent and have discipline to reach my goals. I knew I would have to start slow since my health wasn’t the best. I had changed medications to help ease my pain several times to find the right one. This isn’t always a pleasant adventure for the fact you have to deal with the side affects of new medications, such as weight gain.

When I started at TTA gym, my body wouldn’t allow me to push the way I wanted. My body was extremely fatigued and inflamed. After I worked out, the following day I had to rest because my body hurt so bad from the movement. Which was some cardio to see how my body would react. Looking back, I’m so proud of myself for not giving up even though I was very frustrated that my body was adapting slowly to this new routine.

Five months passed of coming to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. My body would react good one week and then crash the following. It took a lot of patience to learn a routine my body could handle. I saw a lot of progress within those five months, because I was shedding the access weight. However, my body was still inflamed and fatigued.

I started doing a food diary by using the App “My Fitness Pal” on my phone. It was free, and it allowed me to see what I was putting into my body. I learned from this that I had an intolerance to Red meat and diary products. After illuminating those from my diet, I noticed less inflammation throughout my body.

A year later, after journaling and documenting how my body felt after I ate or after I worked out. It seemed like my body improved. I have less inflammation days from knowing what foods I need to stay away from. My fitness routine went from every other day, to now working out five days a week, with Saturday and Sunday being my designated rest days to accommodate spending time with my family.

You only have this one body. God has provided us with the knowledge and the ability to get healthy. It is our choice to decide.



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